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About Kahshe Hypnosis

"Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power."
- Lao Tzu
Cyndi Tryon Kahshe Hypnosis Orillia Ontario


Consulting Hypnotist
MHSC Kahshe Hypnosis
NGH Orillia Kahshe Hypnosis
hypnosis training canada kahshe hypnosis ontario

Kahshe Hypnosis opened their doors in 2022, offering hypnosis programs to the Simcoe-Muskoka region. Specializing in smoking cessation, weight management, stress, sleep regression and more, Kahshe Hypnosis is committed to providing a safe and welcoming space for every client to unlock the doors to their success. "Kahshe" is derived from Kah-she-she-bog-a-mog meaning Lake of Healing Waters. Spending over 30 years of her life living near Kahshe Lake, owner Cyndi Tryon can attest that the water truly does contain something special.

Cyndi Tryon received her training through Hypnosis Training Canada & The Master Hypnotist Society of Canada and is an active member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. 

During a trip to Bali in 2018, Cyndi forgot to pack her sleeping pills, which usually afforded her an extra 2-4 hours of sleep on top of the two hours she was used to getting. In desperation, Cyndi searched for alternative sleeping methods and was introduced to sleep hypnosis.  Not only was she able to sleep well, she felt true calmness while being away from home.

Throughout the pandemic, Cyndi felt inspired to grow beyond her horizons in a way that would help both herself and her clients. She feels the connection to hypnosis is inside all of us, and that we each have the ability to heal energetically.  Cyndi finds true happiness guiding clients through their journey as they attain their goals, you'll find her smiling at Kahshe Hypnosis! 

What is Hypnosis?

​Hypnosis is a powerfully creative state of mind and body that is characterized by a willingness and receptivity to receive, and act upon, specifically crafted suggestions. It feels familiar and comfortable because to most people hypnosis feels like deep relaxation or sometimes even sleep. In fact the origin is from the Greek word "hypnos," which means sleep.​ But the effect of hypnosis is unlike sleep.​​

Contrary to a popular misconception—that hypnosis is a form of unconsciousness resembling sleep—contemporary research suggests that hypnotic subjects are fully awake and are focusing attention, with a corresponding decrease in their peripheral awareness.​​​

Our state of mind changes frequently throughout the day and night. Driving your car is a different state of mind than reading, which is different than sleeping. Falling asleep in front of the television is a form of hypnosis, which by the way, is not recommended. This is because you are receiving powerful suggestions from advertisers without your analytical mind to filter out what's wanted from what's not.​


During hypnosis you are fully in control. You know exactly where you are the entire time. You can adjust your position, scratch, sneeze or cough. You can open your eyes and bring yourself out of hypnosis at any time. You can still hear sounds around you, like a phone ringing or any other sounds that may signal for your conscious awareness to become active. You can alert yourself and respond to any situation that needs your immediate attention. You remain oriented as to person, place, and time. You can even hold a conversation in hypnosis!

The Hypnosis Experience

Hypnosis is not sleep, although some get so relaxed that they may fall asleep. This is no problem because some part of the mind continues to listen to the voice of the hypnotist. In hypnosis, sleeping clients can still follow instructions such as moving a finger, taking a deep breath or awakening themselves when they are asked to do so.​


When you go to a hypnotist for a specific purpose such as smoking cessation, weight loss, stress reduction, eliminating fears or phobias, chronic fatigue, pain control or creative exploration, your stated purpose becomes the hypnotist's objective for you. A hypnotist is expert at translating your wants and desires into the special language of the subconscious mind.

Since your mind and body function as ​one, undivided whole​​​​​, your objective is most efficiently accomplished because all parts of your mind and body are working together and in the same direction. Ambivalence is eliminated and in its place is the natural, efficient flowing toward your intended goal.​


There is no failure in hypnosis. What is normally viewed as failure is simply feedback that we use to achieve your goal. This feedback only reflects a need for adjustment in perspective, approach and inclusiveness. This is the mastery that you can accomplish through hypnosis and self-hypnosis.​

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